How do i make some of the parts glow?

Hello! so im trying to make a sea monster, and since its a skinned mesh i cant really attach part onto it.
is there anyway to make these parts glow? preferably using textures.


Depends what kind of glow you’re wanting. Probably the quickest way of doing this is by connecting an emission shader to your object’s texture and adjusting the settings to your liking.


Im not very good with meshes, I dont know about any ways using textures, but you can upload glowing parts seperately and make them glow? You can connect glowing and base meshes by syncing thier bones.

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does it work when imported to roblox tho?

Ah, don’t think so. I’d suggest just importing it as a .fbx and changing the material to ‘neon’ in Roblox Studio.

that wont work, since this is a skinned mesh, changing it to neon will make the skin glow too which i dont want.

Are you able to separate the parts you want to glow from the skinned mesh in blender then bulk import it into studio? That’ll prevent it from changing the whole mesh to neon.

Though if that messes up the mesh, the only suggestion I have left is to duplicate the parts you want to glow separately from the skinned mesh then bulk import it.

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I got it! i can make some parts glow by using rigid constraint and point lights!

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