How do I make some parts "ignored" in a models hitbox?

Basically, my model is a group of little soldiers, right? They look like this-
However, when I drag them around, because of the guns being longer than their arms, it ends up shooting upwards so the guns are at the bottom of the model, and I have to manually fix it-

Is there any way to make it “ignore” the guns as if they had no in-studio collisions or something?

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Assuming you are using a special mesh and not a mesh part, you can just resize it and it will not scale the mesh.

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whats the difference between a mesh part and a special mesh?

Meshparts come with proper collision and can have PBR textures, while special meshes cannot.
If you use a special mesh you can resize the part separately from the mesh in properties.

how do i resize the part separately from the mesh? when i scale the part, the mesh also changes

It’s because you’re scaling it using the dragger.

this is true thank you lol thats strange tho

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