How do i make something like this?

Is there any way to make something like this?


Open up studio, insert a part into workspace. What you do next is sizing the part to the scale you want, and start creating a map. :slight_smile:


I think you understanded it wrong, i’m talking about the enemies path system.

Try to use pathfinding:


Your title or description of what you try to achieve is very unclear. :slight_smile:

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First try doing it your self. If you stumble upon an error, then come back and provide code.
This place is not for copy + paste.

You can probably offset the enemy.

Maybe get the NPC spawning down. For example using tables like
SkinTones = {colors here, colors here, colors here}, Faces = {roblox face id here, roblox face id here, roblox face id here}.
And then using that to create random NPC’s, and just go from there. :slight_smile:

So for those who don’t understand what he wants, It’s a entity system that are made by a popular game called TDS

the entity system is a system where it optimise erformances FPS even though there’s bunch of NPC (let’s say there’s 1000+ enemies) like it makes you less laggier

So I think he wants something like that as what i can see from the video

@Zenlaeth could you like mention my reply on your post so other peoples could understand what you want to achieve.

Yes! that’s what i was talking about.

Edit: and i was talking about the enemies turning too

You should use: ModuleScripts for the enemies, Pathfinding with waypoints for the path, Good building abilities for the map, Animations and scripting :slight_smile:

your descripcion is very unclear so please tell us what do you want actually

Yes, this is a channel made for scripting, not for building which was pretty obvious in the first place. Not sure why people looked towards the building part of things. He’s obviously trying to make a pathfinding system.

Apart from that, I’d recommend using the SimplePath module as it makes pathfinding much easier, here is the link to the module.

there are many ways to do this but the main problem is making it efficient to support 100’s of enemy’s

the most efficient way is that the server assigns a time when the enemy spawned

-- server script
local function SpawnEnemy(enemy)
    local numberValue =
    numberValue.Name = enemy
    numberValue.Value = os.time()
    numberValue.Parent = workspace.Enemys


then the client will use that time to position the enemy model in the correct position
this is not real code its just to demonstrate what i mean

-- client script

local runService = game:GetService("RunService")
local enemys = {}

local function SpawnEnemy(numberValue)
    local model = game.ReplicatedStorage.Enemys[numberValue.Name]:Clone()
    model.Parent = workspace
    enemys[numberValue] = model


    for numberValue, model in pairs(enemys) do
        -- use numberValue to position the enemy correctly

here are some demo projects that might help you
SpawnEnemys.rbxl (36.7 KB)
Server_keeping_track_of_enemy_positions.rbxl (33.9 KB)
spawn_enemys_without_a_loop.rbxl (35.0 KB)
500_enemys_running_at_60_fps.rbxl (36.2 KB)
FollowPath.rbxl (42.9 KB)

and here is a video that might help

animations pathfinding

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