How do I make something only visible on the client side?

I basically wanna make it so that only certain players can see an object, or text or something. No idea how to do this though. Could someone help?

I am pretty sure that you could just change the properties like the transparency with local scripts. You could use remote events if you want the server to “control” it.

If you are talking about text within a screen gui, you could just change the transparency or clone it from the server.


Are you trying to make something where only whitelisted users can see a gui for example? Like an admin panel, where only admins would see the UI?

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No, it would be a solid block, however that sounds like a viable way to do it, like a client sided UI on a block

You could make the GUI transparent(for normal players) and then check if the person clicking the gui has permission to do so. I’m still not sure if this is for an admin system or not though.

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I assume by “Block” you mean a Part, if so:

To do that, you’ll want to use RemoteEvent’s and fire the clients of the users you want to see the Part. On the client side, pre-make a Part and set the properties and children as you want then parent that Part to ReplicatedStorage. Once you’ve done that, on the client side, connect to the RemoteEvent and when that RemoteEvent is fired, clone the Part from ReplicatedStorage to workspace.

If you meant showing some sort of GUI, refer to @PolyLacticSugarcane’s reply.


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