How do i make spring constraint only go up and down?

im not sure what category to put this in, but when i make a spring constraint, it can go X,Y,Z. but i want it to only go Y, vertically. its for car suspension. Thanks for any help!

Add a PrismaticConstraint between the same two attachments.

SpringExample.rbxm (5.8 KB)

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it works, but now the wheels are rotating around
example image:

(sorry for the long response, i was at the store)

Are you sure you didn’t use a CylindricalConstraint instead of a PrismaticConstraint? That has the object slide up and down on an axis but does allow rotation.

i was told to use a prismatic contraint, lemme try the cylindrical one

Just tried it, still rotates… should i be setting a specific property?

My guess is that the attachments are misaligned. Check out this example, or feel free to send me your model if you’re still experiencing issues.

SuspensionExample.rbxm (6.4 KB)