How do I make TextLabels fitting on all screens not such a pain?

I want to make it so that when I put a TextLabel into a ScrollingFrame and it will be able to fit on all screens. (I have changed the offset to 0)

It’s such a pain to scale it since everytime I scale the text, it gets bigger and it will just appear somewhere else. I can’t even change the text size. The image I mean is below.

I’ve tried toggling a few properties on and off but I can’t find anything that will do the job.


See how the scale is bigger than the text? That’s the problem I’m trying to find the solution to.

If you want a GUI object to occupy the entire area of the parent object, manually set its scale.X (or scale.Y) to 1

You need to set the scale value of the position property, not the offset value.
The offset value is the offset amount in pixels, so if your screen is 240x120 (example) and your gui offset value is 500, it will get off the screen.
If you set your position scale to 0.5 then it will be always in the center (because it goes from 0 to 1)
Here’s an example:
Position = {0.5, 0, 0, 0} ← This will always be in the top center of the screen.
Position = {0.5, 0, 0.5, 0} ← This will always be in the center of the screen.
Position = {X, OffsetInPixelsOfX, Y, OffsetInPixelsOfY}

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