How do I make TextLabels Under ImageButton

Hi! I have an image label with text labels inside it and I want to make it so if you hover over it will tween to see the textlabels, i’ve already done the scripting part but now i dont know how to make it so that you cant see the textlabels, The zindex of the ImageButton is set to 2 and the zindexes of the textlabels are set to 1 but it still doesnt work

Screenshot of properties:

i just realized i put this under scripting support, my bad

ZIndex is a property of an UI element (which is like a priority who is at the “front” of the screen) ((also you need might just move the textlabel or ImageButton))

You are either looking for TextTransparency (which you can fade in/out) or Visible (which will just hide or show it)

i could make it invisible but it would look weird because it will overlap once the tween is played