How do I make that if I press the plugin toolbar button, the plugin interface show up?

I am trying to make it that when you press toolbar, the DockWidget show up, I look at the dev forum post and didn’t see how to do it, I am trying to make a custom plugin to ease my development so I am new to plugin

Do you want to make button like HD admin?

I think you mean top bar.

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yes, topbar in studio only, it just help me organizing my items ID

I found topic talk about how to make top bar button. It maybe help : How Would I Add A Topbar Button?

I am trying to use DockWidget, I should clarify it

You will just put the button.Parent = DockWidget

theres like property for enabling plugins. its like:

local MainInterface = plugin:CreateDockWidgetPluginGui(
		300, -- x size
		400, -- y size
		25, -- min width
		100 -- min height

local plugbutton = plugin:CreateToolbar("Plugin button text"):CreateButton("Plugin", "Plugin", "")
local IsPluginOpenned = false
MainInterface.Enabled = IsPluginOpenned

	IsPluginOpenned = not IsPluginOpenned
	MainInterface.Enabled = IsPluginOpenned

this is what i used when i created my first plugin… didnt know it has enabled stuff but it works so yea


Oh, now I understood. You mean Plugin toolbar in studio.
Plugin | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Watch @ScriptLocalize script. I didn’t make any plugin before.