How do I make the 3D clothing move with the Limbs?

So I’m making multiple dummies for my game, and I was having trouble to get a clothing piece to move with the limbs, specifically the arms. Would there be a way to connect the two so that the arms and legs of the robe mesh moves with the arm when it is manipulated? I’m fairly new when it comes to designing characters and using meshes in general so I was hoping someone could help me think of a solution if there is one. I’ve attached a video below showing the problem (I’m not using the robes shown in the video, I just need the general idea).

Thanks guys!

By the looks of it, you’re trying to use the R15 layered clothing move on an R6 rig.

It is possible, but I’m not sure how to do it.

Your best option that’ll keep the R6 rig may to just split the mesh into several parts for each limb and weld the meshes to the respective limb.

Other than that, try switching to an R15 rig if you are using layered clothing.

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That’s true, I should have tried r15 in the first place, I accidentally picked r6 I guess.

This is what I’ve been told, but since I dont want to keep the R6 rig, I’ll try this:

Thank you!

That being said, should I be welding it to anything, like perhaps HumanoidRootPart or something? I feel like it should be more complicated than just grouping it into the rig. Sorry, I’m still kinda new to this lol.

Layered clothing only natively works on R15 rigs.
I’m unsure how to properly equip it in studio though, it might be a complicated process.

You can probably find something on its documentation page.

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