How do I make the align orientation relative to where player looks

im stuped at explaining things so ill provide a image in steps of me doing steps and desribe the problem

image before I rotatate 90 degrees:


in the images, the part’s alignoreintation does not depends on where the player is facing.
its hard to explain, but what I want is the alingorientation to basically give the part the behavior or script it to where the part’s oreientation is always pointing to the player head but while still keeping orientation it was picked up in

You can use Camera.CFrame and update the part every renderstep. Something like this:

--//In localscript
local CC = workspace.CurrentCamera

	PartThingy.CFrame = CC.CFrame *,0,-6) --This puts the part in front of the camera instead of directly at its position

I said orientation, not position. Look at lumber tycoon 2, the part orientation always facing you

You can try putting an attachment in the players head as Attachment 0/1. I’m not sure if this would force the part to a default orientation, so you may need to adjust the orientation of the head attachment to keep the original orientation.

I tried but the part cframe cvhanges of grab