How do I make the camera slightly look at the player?

Hello, everyone!

I have been struggling with this issue for a while now. Basically, there is a camera part that I put the players camera into, so the camera part is looking at the player. However, instead of the camera just being fixed in place, I’d like it to slightly turn towards the player, so if the player is in the top left, the camera slightly looks in the top left. How would I do this?

Define a point where, if the player stands, they will be exactly in the middle of the cameras view, call it C. To get the “slightly looking” direction, take the difference between the player position and the C position. Multiply this vector by some factor such as 0.5. Add this vector back to C, then point the camera at that. If the factor is 1, the camera always points exactly at the player. If it is less, the camera falls behind the player the further they are from C. If its greater than 1, the effect is reversed.

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