How do I make the camera vision larger?

I have this issue where when you enter the camera view the vision of it decreases largely. The video will show the problem:

Click on the dotted lines and you can use keybinds or the tool panel to move, resize, and rotate the camera.

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I tried it, and all it did was rotate and move the camera, the thing I am trying to achieve is to make the helicopter shown like in the video. But when I switch to the camera view (final render view.) It makes the field of view on the camera very small.

I know the issue. It’s the clipping range that needs to be changed. I hope so at least.


Inside the camera properties, edit the Clip End to be as high as you want it to. The bigger the number the more objects it’ll show behind.


Enable “Limits” to know how big the clipping range is, adds like a long line from the center of the camera to the end of the Clip End limit