How do I make the character's legs point towards the direction the player is headed? (R6)

I want to make it that the legs of the player point towards the direction they’re headed. I’ve tried to use Humanoid.MoveDirection thing but I’m not really sure what to do with the Vector3 values since I’m relatively new to this.

Do you mean strafing? Because in beta settings, you can enable strafing animations.

for R6? If so, where? Where do I enable it?

Sadly it only works with R15.


Is there any way to implement this in R6?

Yes but it requires you to edit/make your own animate script and make 8 different animations for every direction the player can walk.

A devforum post that has already been solved with the same issue.

Sadly, i’m not a pro scripter and i don’t even understand what happens in this script and what means this solve of mystery for me error… :sweat_smile: