How do I make the particle move faster?

The timestop effect is just one single particle emitter, that’s all. It looks great, but the problem is that I think that it moves too slow. Is there a solution to speed up how fast the rings expand/contract? I’ve tried increasing speed but the rings will not be centered. The rate will not increase the speed, it will only add more rings.

Here’s what it looks like:

Here are the key sequence points that I used for the size of the particle emitter btw:

local Out ={, 0),, 8),, 16),


local In ={, 16),, 8),, 0),


Reducing the lifetime of the particle can make the size of the rings look like they are expanding/contracting faster. Have you tried reducing the lifetime?

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I haven’t tried lifetime yet, let me try and experiment around with it and see.

Thanks! It works. I have to adjust it a bit, but at least I know that lifetime will slow/speed up the rings.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help!