How do i make these corner pieces stay where they are, rather than falling?

I’m trying to make a car with suspension, and there are four corner pieces that are elevated above the wheels that I’m trying to keep above the wheels, but when i run the game they just find a way to fall and hang below the wheels.

They keep falling below the wheels for some reason, here is a gif of the state that I want to be, and the state that it changes to when i run the game.

I’ve tried looking it up but no one has made a post like this I don’t think, also ive tried welding the pieces together, and connecting them with rods(as you can see) but it still finds a way to fall down.

Try welding this way. Click the Weld button when selecting multiple parts probably works when those parts are connected to each other.

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The part just falls down with the corners,

i dont think you should be using springs for this. try hinges instead(?) if that doesn’t work, increase the stiffness property on the springs.

Do you have PrismaticConstraints? Judging by the videos, you probably did not attach the corners to the main (chassis?) with PrismaticContstraints.


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I don’t have any prismatic constraints on them, I noticed that people use them on suspension a few minutes ago so I’ll add those and see what it does.

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The springs are for car suspension