How do I make these windows seem less copy pasted?

Hello Devs! This is my first post other than my Portfolio. I need help with a commission!

How do I make these windows less copy pasted?

I have tried changing a few with a balcony, I’ve tried darkening some of them.
But nothing seems to work, if you could help me out I would be very thankful!


There are too much windows for such a building!
Where is the entrance and the staircase?


For such a building, it’s a high school, my local ones have loads of windows, I think it fits quite fine.

I’ve not added the entrance and staircase, mainly because 1, I’m not having a staircase and 2, I’m working on the windows right now, maybe read the original post before you reply.

“How do I make these windows seem less copy pasted” thanks for your reply though!


I would say add some flower pots, air-cons and maybe balconies in front.


It’s a high school, why would it have flower pots? I might add air conditioners, thanks for your reply!


Oh, did not know. but also I recommend outlining the building with something because wall looks simple.

Something like this or more detailed


Anything that gives each window its own flavor. You can add, as other devs have mentioned, flower pots, fencing, portable AC. However, if this is for a general project where buildings are just the environment then I wouldn’t worry about it being ‘copy pasted’.

Possible changing the design of each window, and splitting the building into sections and in each sections there is a different styled window. Multiple designs make it seem less copypasta.

You could do some framing of the sides on the building and remove some rows of the windows horizontally then replacing them with an outline, and a nice roof will add some effect as well.

Something like this:

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you can improve the windows by doing the following:

  • don’t have them protuding as they are now. Windows should be “inside” the walls of a building, and in this case, you have them sticking out which gives them an abnormal appearance.

  • don’t recolor the windows. This isn’t realistic as there are no shadows that darken the windows themselves, nor is there any other reason the windows would be randomly darker.

  • if you want to change the copy+pasted look itself, you can have some windows slid up, and some slid down, giving the impression that persons opened/closed the windows.

  • the rest of the building is as important to preventing monotony as the windows. Add more details, some borders, more parts, just basic detailing to improve the entire build. It’s just one part and some windows right now.

happy building :slight_smile:


I think the problem is you don’t really have room to add anything that’ll make it look unique. Even in highschools, usually they have just large windows for their entire classroom, not 100 tiny ones.

I suggest adding more space inbetween some of the windows.

Depth and other details can help because right now it just looks like a single brick and the windows copied and pasted, like adding pillars in between every vertical collum could add some

Perhaps make silhouettes of books or other trinkets, and make a few lines here and there to show the sun shining on the window. Hope this helps.

Try adding different colors to the building like maybe slightly darker or brighter version of the color or maybe add some details like a cracked window or dirt and grass growing through the window.