How do I make this badge that automatically bans exploiters if they inject their exploit tool into the game?

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Link: Exploiter Badge of Shame 🤡 - Roblox


i think you cant really detect someone injects their exploit instead detect something that cannot be done by the client on the server like when they spam on certain remote event

There are some detections for different injectors but they are usually patched fairly quickly (due to the fact that when they are published, everyone and their mothers can see the vulnerability). You shouldn’t waste your time detecting injections but instead detecting things like remote event misuse or movement exploits.

If it was that easy, roblox would have stopped all exploiters to begin with. Like @Cookielnk said, you should focus on detecting remote event abuse. (could be detecting bad arguments, bait events, or checking if the client uses remote events/functions too often)

Don’t rely on a magical anti inject script. Going off of what @Geolio9 said, I agree. Protect your remotes. Put bait ones. Make your remotes’ servers and clients a lot more protected as exploiters could use remote spy to detect remotes, etc. and fire those and manipulate the remote.