How do I make this BillboardGui consistent with the head?

There’s a BillboardGui in the head of the character, I’m trying to make a custom Humanoid display.
Here’s the problem, when I zoom in it looks fine but it starts to cut in the head when zooming out:

How do I fix this?


As far as I know, you can use the scale factor of the UDim for Size in a BillboardGui to achieve a gui that increases and decreases in size as the camera moves away and toward it. However, if you use offsets, the BillboardGui should say the same consistent size on the user’s display.

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Have you tried “Always on top”?

Here’s something I put on a Discord server recently.

Ever wondered how BillboardGui sizing & positioning works? Got some gifs to hopefully visualize it a bit

Size using Scale - the size is scaled by studs.

Size using Offset - the size is an using pixel-values.

For Size, we use an UDim2. UDim2s are displayed in the properties widget as
{scaleX, offsetX}, {scaleY, offsetY}

Offset using ExtentsOffset

Offset using ExtentsOffsetWorldSpace

Offset using SizeOffset

Offset using StudsOffset

Offset using StudsOffsetWorldSpace


Be sure to mark AlwaysOnTop as true.