How do i make this build more interesting?

hello my fellow developers !!

after a very long break, i decided to get back to studio and slowly get back to building, and i looked through my old builds that i created and saw this one;

my question is, how do i make the lighting better? how do i improve this build overall?
i really love the concept of the build and i want to improve it.


i would appreciate criticism a lot !!


Hello Len,

I hope you are having a great day.

I would like to start off my complimenting your build. It’s really cool and I enjoy the neon lights around the table and the “tubes” that hang from the ceiling.

Since it is a bar, you want some seats to be at the front of it for the people enjoying the drinks. I think you should also add more bottles behind the bar for decoration.

To make the lighting “better” (it already looks good imo), you could add some floor lights. You could also add some blue neon around the circular wall design (far right of the photo, to the left of the door).

I hope I gave you some useful ideas. Keep up the great work!


hii ! after a week of working on it, this is my improved version:

tips for improvement are appreciated !


If it’s maybe gonna be some sort of party,I would think maybe adding party lights on the ceilings,I will message here again If I thought of more things that would maybe fit with your build.

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With the proper lighting and textures, this build can be great! There’s definitely potential, just make sure to focus on adding the smallest details when building, that’s what can bring a build to life. One suggestion I have is changing the neon lights to look less blocky, as it defeats the whole purpose of the realism you’re aiming for. It just doesn’t quite match the curves and geometry of the rest of the build and makes them feel out of place.