How do i make this game UI more intuitive and clean looking

Yeah i made some weird thing because i was using a UI page layout on a surface gui. And i’m using proximity prompt to buy eggs, so that might not be the greatest thing either.

I’m not really an art oriented guy I should commission a UI designer…

This is the place


maybe try to use image frames and more ui elements, or try to learn ui manipulating with scripts, your game have no vibrant colors, try to make a three colors that are main , and use it only or in hight percent

I mean what exactly should i be manipulating with the scripts, the whole surface gui you see there is made with a script

try to add ui corner, and gradient , if you have problem with key sequences try to go to dev hub for more info

now that you mention lack of bright colors could you just join the place (just added it to the post) and give me some pointers on what to do

honestly i prefer the old aesthetic but it’s time to get with the times~

I’m maked a simple color pallete used in this times, i’m really liked old roblox too, but it’s time to change style you know, try to use less materials and change it to plastic , manipulate colors

this is example, use this colors in 90% and maybe other with 10% of your gui, young players love this and it’s like a bait for fish. if you making something like clicker (do something, upgrade, repeat) like PSX or Anime fighting simulator or maybe another game like that, use it

Aight ill be adding “redo colors” to my task list…

I would suggest using the outlines to your advantage or just get rid of them. Currently, the outlines make the GUIs look very default and uncustomized.

which ones in particular are you talking about?

I don’t suggest using either yellow or orange for modern UIs as those colors are just… not modern. Blue would be a good idea in most instances, though if the UI is supposed to be “modern” you could try just using different shades of white and dark gray, using uicornere, and maybe mix in some higher transparency if you want

it’s only example , i’m add this to show a vibrant colors or something like pallet you know

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Pretty much every one with the default-looking outline