How do I make this GUI look less stinky?

Title says all, please ignore the black boxes


images are stretched, the UI corner rounding is uneven between the items’ border, name etc. UI has too much size and dead space imo, it’s a very large window for only 4-6 offerings. Perhaps unify all the text having black outlining or not.


add some gradients or a pattern and definently some textures to the backmost frame.

Add some framing around the whole gui, I don’t know what kinda game you have, but try to adapt this sort of thing:


Firstly, the images are too stretched, you could try changing their size a little. You could also try using UI Gradients to make it look better and everything like that, as others have already said. But you could also try changing the ZIndex a little to make it appear in front of the other Gui’s, and then move it a little bit more to the center of the screen, and possibly add some kind of Blur Effect into the Lighthing when the Ui opens so the background looks blurry, making it look a little better.


There is so many things I cannot explain about your GUI.

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