How do I make this gui open and close more than once?

So when I open and close this GUI I cant open it again

Open script

Close script

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The issue is that you Enable the entire UI but the Frame still has Visible set to false. Instead use the Visible property in your open script.

For the open script do

local Frames = script.Parent.Parent.Parent

    Frames.Visible = true

didnt work sorry. thanks for trying

Send the code please it would help and the error

Can you show us your script location relative to the frame you try to open(open script)?

local Frames = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent:WaitForChild(“FrameScreen”) – Add or remove a .Parent if you needed


Frames.Enabled = true


No I mean the location in the explorer of the specific frame and script(so we are able to tell you the path).

PS: it may be script.Parent.Parent

local Frames = script.Parent.Parent


Frames.Enabled = true


The Frames- (FrameScreen Is the parent)

LocalScript - Roblox Studio 19_12_2021 10_50_43 PM (2)

The open button-

Didn’t work sorry. Thank you for trying

You can use a single script by setting the visible to the opposite value.

	Frame.Visible = not Frame.Visible

not basically reverses the true and false values.
Don’t know if this will be helpful to you if you have different buttons for opening and closing.

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Sorry bro, it didn’t work. Thanks for trying

You change the Enabled value in the open script and the Visible value in the close script.
This won’t work unless you make both the same.

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Wait literally all I had to do was copy the open button and make enabled false

I guess I’ll solution you if u want

Thank you everyone for your help!