How do I make this gui?

I saw this gui in a game before:

Where if you enter an area, it changes the music and shows it in the left corner of the screen (the rectangles are an audio visualizer that moves to the beat too) as well as show the name and description of the area on the top of the screen like in the image, it sometimes even changes the sky to night/morning and when you exit the area the same thing happens and it goes back to the settings of the area you were previously in, I was wondering how do I make something like this?

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The game probably uses a touched event where when a player touches a zone part, it fires a remote event that changes the text and music for the player

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When it comes to changing things in certain areas I recommend that you use ZonePlus:

ZonePlus is nice as it should be rather simple to set up using their existing template to easier understand how to set it up:


Thank you! And thanks to @dummycide so much as well for replying!!