How do i make this like in Deepwoken?

So basically im trying to make this Key Sequence system, i was thinking about when the event fires the Server script it would make random keybinds that is inserted to the table then sended on the client. If a input is pressed the event will fire the server script again, then the server script will confirm if the right input was pressed then removing the key from the server table same as the client.


You could have string value for every player that will be a sequence for them, so server will generate sequence and put it in string value then local script will get that sequence and if its right then it will send your sequence to server using remote event and serwer will also check it with string value.

That will make it simple to make but it will be eazier to exploit (tho they could get sequence from OnClientEvent() if you want to only use remote events)

Or server script will make gui with sequence and local script will send keys that player click to server if this key is in sequence and if sequence is active.


sorry man im still not getting what you are saying