How do I make this not look bad?

I can show you the code if you’d like.

Sure. (thanks for making me type this roblox)

function WalkingOn(connected)
 if not connected.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then return end
 if connected.Parent:FindFirstChild("ForceField") then return end"ForceField", connected.Parent)

function DoneWalkingOn(connected)
 if not connected.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then return end
 if connected.Parent:FindFirstChild("ForceField") then

Rather than creating a FF when someone is walking on the terrain, look into something like ZonePlus.

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One first thing I can recommend is centering your UI when you join. Also, every time you die, this UI pops up. I’d reccomend removing this and adding a title screen. I’m not that good at scripting(~1 month of experience) but here are some cool tutorials I found on youtube.

How to Make an ADVANCED MENU | HowToRoblox - YouTube
Advanced Roblox Studio Tutorial (Creating an Advanced Game Menu) PART 1 - YouTube (very cool)
Roblox Studio Tutorial | How To Make A Main Menu (2021!!) - YouTube

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It works on my screen, it seems to be different depending on what device you play on, not really sure how to fix this.

As for it popping up on death, not entirely sure how to fix this either.

I’d remove it and replace it with a Main Menu, since your intentions with it were to show when you join the game. It’ll make your game look a little more professional.

For Centering UI, I’d recommend using the position value(its in properties)
Also, I forgot to say this, but I also recommend using UICorner(or the Roundify Plugin) and to move your “Teleport to Arena” button below your “Inventory” button.

To fix UI size and position, use this plugin:
AutoScale Lite - Roblox

To use, click “Scale UI” and then click Offset for both scale and position.

Basically how this works is that if you use Offset for UI, it doesn’t scale on all devices. Using scale, scales it. I reccomend you research it more if you want to.

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Details! Pretend you’ve NEVER played the game before, there are no icons anywhere, and nothing besides the build to tell you what it is. Would you be able to tell what it was? I would not. Looks great for a start, just needs more detail.

Yes, I would be able to. Don’t ask me how though lol.

And I’m just going to be real, I’m terrible at building. The best build I’ve ever made was in minecraft… just sayin.

so… what needs to be more detailed?

Just like, everything. Make the shop look like a shop, use reference images. Stuff like that.

I would recommend removing the terrain, you can replace it with a part with any texture, but I would say that dark grey smooth plastic is ok.

I would also recommend giving textures for everything in the game, so replace the very bright green with a less saturated green and make all the textures a bit darker, also, use textures, there are many good looking textures such as foil, sand, glacier. Do not only use smooth plastic, give wood a wood texture and grass a grass texture.

Lastly, instead of having a massive rectangle next to the game, make it envelope the map.

Also my suggestion for the GUI would be USE LESS SATURATED COLOURS!!! This is the main issue with the game and makes it look a million times worse. Please do not use colours that are so saturated. I hope this helps.

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