How do I make this possible for buidling it

Hello, I want to know 2 things, I found this in a game I played long… ago.

How do I make shiny poles like this

It has shiny poles hanging as you see

How do I avoid too dark shadow

In this game, when there is no light, its normal, and still able to see, while in my game, if a light is not there, its hella dark, and unable to navigate where the player is

I would like to know how I avoid too much dark shadow where light is not there

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For the first problem, just make a pole with a metal material and turn up the reflectance.

As for the second problem, just keep putting more of these glowing orbs into your place until you’re fully satisfied with the interior lighting.

Then when you’re finished, turn up transparency all the way and disable CanCollide for each of them.

That’s pretty much it, so there’s not much practice you need to do.


Changing the Reflectance of many Materials doesn’t actually affect their shininess as @orangewarrior78 said, because the texture is built in.
If you make the pole Parts SmoothPlastic increasing the Reflectance will definitely make them shinier.

You can increase the Range of Lights in their Properties, but in your case to brighten the entire game just experiment with the Lighting settings to make everything brighter.


Thank you @Scottifly and @orangewarrior78 , I learnt something new today

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