How do I make this?

How do I make a system so when a player enters the sand biome it says in the bottom left of the screen? I want it to say this
Now entered
Sand Biome

I can add a video and picture if u need help.

I don’t know how to script so a script would be greatly appreciated

you should add regions into the game and check if the player is in the region then change the text

if youre using terrain material and using the terrain sand then you could use Humanoid.FloorMaterial maybe

Can u make a script of that bc I don’t know how to?

Use a custom module for the region.

You can get a certain region simply by doing:

local Zone = require(game.ServerScriptService.Zone)

local Region =

print("Entered biome")

Sorry but in dev forum it is not very righteous to ask other for scripts.
I get it that you don’t know how to script but try to learning it if you are planning to develop on roblox.
Whether a Builder,UI designer etc , basic scripting
Knowledge is very essential.
To learn the basics there are various sources and it won’t take years just some little time and you will feel more knowledgeable.
Sorry if my words sounded rude.

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