How do i manage my building time?

Hello, my name is Crrustyy. I am currently building for three groups. They are all quite large projects, so i wanted to know, how do i manage my time? How do i come up with a timetable?

All the top developers manage their time perfectly, so i wanted to know how.



I don’t know about that…

Ideal time management changes from person to person depending on the circumstances. When I’m juggling multiple projects, I make sure to do at least one thing per project per day. That way, even if progress happens to be slow, progress is still being made. I’d suggest trying something like that, and then scaling up the amount you do each day.

Thanks, well, i read some posts by developers and some mention what they achieved in that month, and it was seemed like perfect time management.

Hello, Crrustyy how are you? Well, I am 3 developers groups I make music for them so this is how I manage my time for them.

  • First I get a list of music they need done.
  • Go for the ones that do not take a lot of time.
  • I make sure I have everything ready for one of the groups and I give it to them.
  • Try to go make everything for one group first then get to the next one. (Or atleast have that project ready and have a idea of what is needed done.
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You’re better off putting the highest paying ahead of the rest.


Thanks, that is the quickest solution EVER! I am fine thanks, how are you? You really helped!!

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I am doing good thanks for asking ^-^ I am really glad I could help.