How do i measure a build's lenght (In KM or Miles?)

I am currently building a nascar race track. However, i want the track to be about 2 miles long. But, is there any tool or any way to measure how long it really is? This would be very useful to know since i want people to race there and i want to measure the lenght of the race, so if i just say ‘‘its 2 miles’’ even if it isnt it would just be kinda unfair. Cheers. :checkered_flag:


There are 20 ROBLOX studs in a meter, so 2 miles (3,2 kilometres) would be around 64 thousand studs. Correct me if I’m wrong! :grin:

Okay i see, but, the problem with making a nascar track is that i have to make a lot of parts (specially for the corners) So by any means is there any way that i can measure it with a tool or things like that?

In my opinon, 64 thousand studs is a lot. I think the best way is to just guess and feel if you think it’s long enough.

I’m not very familiar with plugins so I don’t know any mesurement plugins but you could always just use a part and check the “Size” value in the Properties tab.

I mean… theoretically you could make a script that adds all the parts’ sizes together and then prints it out. But I don’t know if this would work flawlessy when the parts are changing directions. Then you will have to put different parts in different groups when the direction of them has changed. I don’t know if this makes sense to you lol.

Though the US is pretty big, KM is an international measurement, not like Imperial Miles, which is just the US.

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Yeah, it doesnt really have to be to miles. If i can get it to KM i could probably measure it to Miles.