How do I merge a Bezier Curve and Sphere in blender so that I can make one Texture for both mesh parts?


I am a bit new to using blender, and I tried making a simple bomb model. The only issue is that, whenever I try importing it into studio, the Bezier Curve and the Sphere are both seen as one part. This is very frustrating, because I can’t combine the Bezier Curve and Sphere mesh parts in blender and make a texture out of both of them. Can anyone help?

ISSUE: Cannot combine two mesh parts; Sphere1, BezierCurve2; and create on sole mesh part and add a texture for it.

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Right click on your Curve object, Go down to the “Convert To” Option, Then use the “Convert to mesh” Option under the sub menu.


This should convert your curve object into a mesh object, which can be joined to your other mesh.