How do i move parts from client to server

i have a bunch of parts made client side and i want to move them to server side, how do i do this?

maybe this can help:

Iterate all the objects into a table and then send it to the server by via-remote event.|

local Table = {}

local function ScanModelDescendants(Model)
-- function to scan all the descendants and then
local descendant

-- add it to the table
table.insert(Table, descendant)


You can fire a RemoteEvent from the client to the server with information like the size/position of the part as parameters, and then recreate the part on the server.

Local script:

local size = part.Size
local cframe = part.CFrame
game.ReplicatedStorage.CreatePart:FireServer(size, cframe)

Server script:

game.ReplicatedStorage.CreatePart.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, size, cframe)
    local part ="Part")
    part.Parent = workspace
    part.CFrame = cframe
    part.Size = size
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parts created on the client will not exist on the server so you cant send them directly as objects

Its just a simple starting framework. You can easily replicate the properties of a part and then add it into a table. And then a server-script would handle the replicate of the parts by assigning the same cloned properties.

I believe it’s impossible because otherwise cheaters would have the ability to spawn in whatever they want (and they aren’t doing that).