How do i NOW run ad's?

this is so dumb that I have to ask this but before it would show up on the ‘develop’ page but now it automatically redirects you to the create.roblox link and i see avatar items, development items, NO ADS… This is something I haven’t had problems navigating for around 10 years in total without any problem but now that the entire layout is changed its literally nowhere to be found or accessed or i am blind. bear in mind i DO NOT WANT TO SPONSOR ADS for a really good reason
they don’t work well with avatar items like UGC


lucky me

a/b tests ruined the last moments you had at the develop page.

I believe it is “Sponsor this Experience”:

Also, #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support is the correct category.


oops thought i put it here but guess not…

on a side note as i said before, i dont want to sponsor, i just want to run a plain old ad


It’s a pain to do this:
Please change the 11746775112 to the ID of the game you are attempting to advertise. There isn’t a frontend for this page.


its not a game im trying to advertise, im trying to advertise an avatar asset item (in this case a hat accessory)

This works with assets too. I don’t know the valid asset types though.

I don’t recommend advertising items that aren’t games, but it’s likely that it is possible to do so.

i managed to create the ad, i just cant find the ad to run it if that makes sense

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I think this is the link to it.

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Click “Items”. Sponsored ads is what they’re calling them now.

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thats not the same thing though… its entirely different than skyscraper ads

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It looks like you need to use the endpoint for the Roblox API. I have no clue where it’s located but I’m sure it exists.

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there asking for an ad not a sponsor there totally different
ads are the popups you see on the home page, avatar shop, profile etc
sponsors are when you push your game to the top of searches

anyways have you tried going to the item you want to advertise and clicking the 3 dots beside the name idk if it will work since Im not in the ugc program (yet) and I dont have any items uploaded

(edit) I just went to one of the shirts I uploaded and when I clicked on the 3 dots it gave me an option to advertise hope this helps

Hey i never got this error before when i Clicked ur link it showed this:

edit: whoops I didn’t read the rest of ur post