How do I organize my scripts for my SuperSmash-Styled game?

Hey everyone! Currently I’m working with a team to create a game based on the popular video game “Super Smash Bros.” The most popular mechanics are the parkour & diversity of characters. Currently, I’m wondering where I should handle my movement, and the custom mechanics for every character? :thinking: :computer:

Currently I have 2 ideas respectively for the movement & custom fighting mechanics

  • Movement - I think I’ll have a ClientModule that handles all of the movement, and possibly a server one If required.

  • PVP - So I’m thinking that I’ll have a folder that contains every module for each character. There will be a server and client module. The client will handle the inputs & the server will handle the damage, knockback, etc.

Are there any issues with this idea? Is there a better way to do this? Is there a standard that I should follow for these types of things? Thanks for your time! :grinning:

This guide provides a lot of content, and I highly rate it as one of the best organizing guides.

Thank you for this resource! I’m defintiely still wondering about the specifics of my questions, but there is no doubt how significantly this helped me! It provides helpful insight into some of my questions. I may create another post If I have any further questions. Anyway, thanks! :grinning:

Movement physics should be handled on the server unless it is a singleplayer game and you don’t care how the player moves, and for PVP same thing, inputs on the client and mechanics on the server. For example, if you have a fireball attack, you could have the pressing E input on the client and maybe a client-only sound which means you pressed E to fire a fireball. Then on the server, you play the animation, fire the actual fireball, and such.

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