How do i pass a datastore from a place to another?

So, i made 2 places… single and multi player… in multi player comes the leaderstats and in single player i want to give the player exp… but how do i save the exp and make it apply to the multi player?

Its hard since i use this to load in the stats

Exp.Value = stats[1]

And to save using

table.insert(table, Exp.Value)

Anyway, the stats using [1] is exp in single player but in multi player its coins… how do i make this work??

Edit: the two places is in the same game btw

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All you have to do is instead of using the normal DataStore, you have to use GlobalDataStore GlobalDataStore | Roblox Creator Documentation the same way

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Whats the diff of GlobalDataStore? (Just curious)

GlobalDataStore is the normal data store…

hmm… maybe I learned this wrong, I kept looking and here’s somebody else with the same problem: Cross-place datastore not working?