How do i play a sound locally?

When i touch a brick I want to play a sound only for the person who touched the brick, I’ve tried to do it with a local script and a remote event but it wouldn’t work

Hi there, the code could look something like this.

local brick = script.Parent


this is in a local script. You’ll need to parent the script to this and also the sound you want to play for this to work

put the script inside the brick .

and the local script in playerGui

Server Side

local RemoteEvent = game.ReplatedStroge:WaitForChild("Event")
if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then

local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
if player then

Client Side


The touched event works client side so the remote here is a waste of memory when fired

yes but he want the sound to play on the client side so that’s why i used the event

you cant play the sound on the client with server script its gonna play for everyone

However if touched works in a local script, then theres no need

touched doesn’t work in a local script

i tried this before i made a local script inside the playerGui and used Touch Event to play the sound for the client and the sound played for every one in the game.

(Touch Event doesn’t work will in local script)

try it ur self if u don’t believe me

Can you help me with your script, it doesn’t seem to trigger when i touch the brick

You have to run said script from starterPlayerScripts