How do I play CFrame animations?

Hello there, I am trying to make a animation creating game but I need the animations to be uploaded by CFrame animations so I don’t have to use some website or bot to upload the animations.

I have made my animation and used a Roblox plugin called animation convertor to convert my animations to CFrame animations. Now I have a ModuleScript with a bunch of CFrame code stuff in it. How do I make the CFrame animation play on a player?
Here is a screen shot of the code:

Any help is would be wonderful.

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You would use tween or lerp function.

You would need to lerp or tweenservice on a motor6D to get the desired effect. If you can give more details please do.

I don’t understand, how do I make the CFrame animation run on a player like a normal animation?
Also the script is a ModuleScript and not a serverside script

To make CFrame/Procedural animations you need keyframes, which are CFrames, you can make a table of keyframes and for loops to loop through the table.

Lerp & Tweens are important to make the animations smooth.

For Lerping, you need a for “interval” loops.
It should look like this:

for i = 0, 1, 0.1 do
	cf = cf:Lerp(cfkeyframe, i)
	task.wait() -- task.wait() is basically RunService.Heartbeat:Wait().

Tweening is just using TweenService;

game:GetService("TweenService"):Create(motor,, {Transform/C1/C0 = keyframecf}):Play()

I strongly prefer using Lerp and not Tweens.
I apologize if I didn’t give enough information on how CFrame animations works, but I hope you get the idea of it.

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