How do i play my audio in any games?

Hello so, i’ve uploaded an audio, and it got accepted (and also i’ve verified it and put it for distrubution) but whenever i try to play it in any games, Please help!

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You are unable to play your audios in the game unless the owner of the game has the audio in their inventory. This “public audios” feature essentially just allows anyone who wants access to your audio to access your audio, instead of only people you are friends with or games you have team create access to.


dang bro, roblox really ruined audios bro, cant play anything, i guess ill try to be D44SHIIE, vorzes or morguecore lol


This makes no sense in relation to what you bring up. Roblox never even ruined audios, they brought us wind of fjords, deff syndicate hip hop 1 and better off alone 2001 by dj glejs. By they, I mean administrators and the community. They allowed this you know, but things change, they are public and have significantly grown. They could’ve gotten in even more serious legal trouble.

This isn’t their fault, they didn’t ruin audios. If anything, Dashie actually did, so be careful on what you really compare.

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This, and Roblox has completely disabled the feature to make audios public.
Audios you upload are scanned for copyright and for anything that violates TOS ahem

This is to “protect user safety” and legal trouble. They are working on new ways, but it wont be comparable to how it once was.