How do I position my UI correctly how I want it?

This is my fist time trying to learn gui’s so I have NO IDEA what I am doing… So I want to know how I can make it full screen as it will be on a computer.

This is what It’s not supposed to look like…

Here is is what It’s supposed to look like…

The Art Isn’t by me! So don’t ask me! It’s just meant to make the GUI not plane till I get my own art. But the UI is 100% by me using the Roblox Gui parts.

Are you using Roblox’s Scale positioning and sizing method? Or are you using offset? Scaling will automatically try to scale your gui to fit screens correctly

Roblox’s Scaling.

Are you using ScaleType == Fit? That would explain the large gaps between the images and the text below them.

Edit: Nevermind, that wouldn’t be Fit. What is your scaletype?

I have no idea if I give you the gui’s can you fix them for 20 robux the price is due to the lvl of ammount of work effort needed.

Send them over and I’ll take a peek. No need to pay. :slight_smile:

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Oh sweet thanks! Send them over on what? Add you to team create? If team create I would have to friend you.

Save it as a place (or file) and send it through DMs on here.