How Do I Post Into Help and Feedback : Cool Creations

Im Quite New here and I was wondering, its not letting me post into Help and Feedback:Cool Creations. Does anyone know the issue? and if so, please let me know! Thanks!

I can’t reproduce this.

What likely happened was you clicked on the #help-and-feedback category itself:

But you can’t post in the base category itself. You need to select a subcategory.


Hello, I am also a new member and I couldn’t do the same thing you are talking about but after reading some more and getting the first 5 to 6 badges I was given more access to post in cool creations etc.


Can’t reproduce either. (You don’t need to navigate to the cool creation category itself, @sjr04. You can just select it when you create a topic anywhere.)


The only prerequisite to post in cool creations is to become a member of the forums. After you’ve achieved that rank you’re allowed to post in that category. Reading time and getting 5-6 badges has nothing to do with gaining the ability to post in cool creations.

Also can’t reproduce like the two before have said. Can you take a video or provide screenshots of what you’re trying to do? Can you show us how you are posting? You could be doing something wrong, like posting in Help and Feedback directly, not having an adequate character count for the body/title, etc.

EDIT: Looks like you’ve solved the issue.

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Yea I know, I was just saying a possibility as to why OP may have not been able to post there.

@Macawmangrovve12 So, firstly to even be able to post in forums, you have to be a member and thats why I didn’t say that he has to be a member because if he wasn’t a member, he wouldn’t even be able to post this post. Secondly I was sharing my solution to how I was given access to be able to post in Cool Creations because it was just yesterday that I gained access to post.

Macaw’s point is that that’s not a solution, though. Either you’re a member and you can post, meaning you can post there, or you’re not (and you can’t). There’s no semi-member state where you can post in some member categories and not others.


Mhm, I put that point there because that was the prerequisite. Not badges.

Your solution is incorrect. There’s no in-between.

@rogchamp @Macawmangrovve12 Apparently you guys didn’t read over what I said but thats alright.

I read what you said, and it was wrong. We can take this to DMs if you want to discuss it further, I don’t think there’s anything to gain by continuing here.


No it doesn’t seem that way because I specifically said that was what worked for me :slightly_smiling_face:.

There is no sort of extra requirement for posting in Cool Creations. You don’t need any extra badges to post there, it’s a place you can already post in. If you were unable to post there you likely made the same mistake of trying to post from a base category and not a subcategory.

If necessary I can register an alternate account to prove this.

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I did not say anything about extra requirements.

Really? This is getting way off-topic, let’s take it to the DMs if you want.


What if I told you… that that’s not how you gain the ability to post in cool creations. What if I told you… “what worked for you” is not how it works.

What if I told you… causation does not equal correlation.

What if I already told you… that’s not how it works.

In the About the Cool Creations Category’s pinned article, it succinctly states:

All forum members can create topics in this category and reply to topics.

And mentions no. other prerequisite. periodt. That’s because there is none. When you noticed you could post in cool creations after you read more and got badges, you automatically attributed your success to exactly that. But, again, causation does not equal correlation, and you can ask anyone on the forum. Ask a moderator or a staff member if you really want. They will all tell you that no such a thing exists. There is concrete proof that reading more and getting badges does not grant you cool creations. The reason you couldn’t post before could be due to many reasons, such as posting in the parent category, or not meeting the minimum character count. You being able to post, though, is solely attributed to your rank as a member. That, and nothing else. I will also say this again:

But you did, anyway this is getting off-topic now, OP likely made the mistake I pointed out hence the solution. :v:

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