How do I prevent a humanoid from colliding?

Hello, so I have been making a viewmodel for a first-person shooter the rig uses a humanoid but it forces collisions even tho cancollide is turned off. How do I fix this?

Maybe you can use CollisionGroups. I never used them so I’m not sure how to script it, but I’m sure someone else will help you with it or you can go check it out by yourself.

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Same, I tried using them but I’m struggling to use them.

Fortunately, this can be done without scripting (if the rig is already compiled before runtime) as explained through that same article linked by @DEVLocalPlayer during the Studio Configuration section.

If the walkthrough on the Developer Hub is not sufficient, here’s an example I just recorded that goes through the steps of creating a CollisionGroup & adjusting what can collide with one another (along with some quick explanations of what’s going on – let me know if you have any further questions):

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