How do I prevent a Motor6d from moving parts?

I’m trying to add an accessory to a model and have it stay on and move with the animation (welds do connect the accessory, but it stays in place)

When I connect a motor6d, the accessory moves to the position of the part it is connected to. It’s also impossible to reverse (back arrow completely skips the move.) This is no longer a problem as I have learned to position the accessory after I connect it.

However, this time, instead of the accessory moving to the position, the model moves to the position of the accessory. I have tried different ways of connecting it, originating the Motor6d on different parts, and yet the result is always the same:

(apologies for the crappy video, I have no recording software so I used the built-in one using F12)
robloxapp-20220101-1501239.wmv (450.7 KB)

Is there a way to prevent the moving entirely? I remember a few years ago there was a similar thing going on with welds but that went away with time. I also apologize if this sounds confusing, as I do not know a lot of developer terminology.

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I made a little video demonstrating what happens when I use a weld vs. what happens when I use a Motor6d for connecting accessories.
robloxapp-20220101-1517369.wmv (1.7 MB)

So I wouldn’t really say this is a solution, but it is for me. When the Motor6d moves the part, you can’t set the position of the part to where it originally was, it’ll just go back to the position of the part it is connected to. However there is something that can position the part back to where it was, and that is the Command Bar. So what you can do is copy the position before you add a Motor6d, then type in the command bar (game.Workspace.[“PartName”].Position = (Copied Position)) and it’ll go back to its original position.