How do I prevent Blurry GUI Images?

Title is basically what I’m looking for.
I’ve created GUI via Photoshop, and whenever I import it to Studio, it becomes a blurry mess, and quite frankly unpleasant to look at.

I have seen quite a few top tier games have GUI Images without any sort of Blur on it, however I am unsure how they achieved this.

Thank you in advanced!

When I import my UI from figma + photoshop, I always select the sizing option as ‘Fit’ and it always works for me.

Oh interesting.
I’ve tried Fit before but it’s still a bit off it seems,
This is it in Studio with Fit;

Then here’s the original;

Any other reason/solution that may help?

I’m not an expert on all this, but maybe your GUI is becoming blurry because of the resolution?

I heard that Roblox supports a max resolution of 1024x1024. Uploading any image higher than that makes Roblox compress it, making the quality of the image noticeably lower.


Yep that was the issue, thanks very much.
I never knew about that at all.
I always uploaded in 1980+ or so, as I thought that would get the highest quality lol

Here’s how it looks now, looks super clean and crisp now, thanks again!


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how did you fix this? did you change the resolution and if so then how?

Yes, I uploaded the image in a size lower than 1024x1024