How do I prevent looking through blocks

I want to prevent players from being able to see outside of these blocks? Unsure how this possible, unless blocks are spawning in with float point issues and thus creating miniscule gaps to allow camera through?

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Are the blocks transparent?
We can see the outside of the blocks in your image, but how are they constructed?
I imagine they are solid looking from the inside, so are they MeshParts with DoubleSided true?

There is already a thread with the same exact problem.

Also, this should go in #help-and-feedback:building-support

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That’s for transparent blocks. These are solid blocks. There’s no reason for my camera to be able to see through these blocks, yet for some reason I can

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They are just normal parts. 4x4x4, you cant collide with them, they arent transparent

How about try adding blocks on gaps?


Like those on corners on blocks to prevent look through blocks?

Problem with that is performance. They aren’t visible, thus there’s no reason for the corners to be added

So if they are CanCollide false the camera will be able to zoom outside of them. It’s the way Roblox rendering is designed.

What is keeping the player inside the Parts? I’m guessing Transparent Parts, which the camera can also see through.

I think in your case you should make the Parts CanCollide true, and surround your tunnel with them, instead of putting the player inside the Parts. I don’t think you’d actually have to create too many more Parts since a hollow tunnel made of CanCollide false Parts could use more than a surrounding shell of CanCollide true Parts.

Sorry I meant they are CanCollide. They are physical blocks. There is no reason to my knowledge why the camera can go outside

But is that the Player (you) I see inside the Parts in the middle of the screen?
If the player is inside the Part then of course you can see outside the Part because there isn’t a “wall” to block their camera.
If you put the camera inside a Part in Studio you can’t see it’s outer walls, they’re clear. That sounds like it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

Do you have some sort of camera shift locking feature in this game? This tends to happen with those for me.

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My character is behind the blocks

cc @Crazedbrick1 and there’s no shift lock

Can see here, blocks are solid, yet my camera can go right through them (62)

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Because your character is inside those blocks, not behind them so your camera doesn’t recognize them as walls.

Which I said in my previous post…

I’ve reported this as a bug. The camera should still lock to my character and not go through blocks. Character heads have cancollide false by default and thus will go inside blocks, but it should be based on the humanoid root part thus to fix this issue, as there’s no other reasonable solution to this without making my character tiny or make the blocks massive which are both terrible ideas

But the camera is fixed to your Head’s location. It is offset to your Humanoid so it centers on your Head.
Yes, your Head is CanCollide false, so the camera ends up inside the Part.
As I mentioned before, if your Camera is in a Part, it won’t be contained or blocked by the Part.

If you need a Player to be able to walk into a 4x4 space between Parts and have their head inside a Part without being able to see through that Part then maybe you should look at different Camera.CameraType options.

I believe because the camera offset can’t go under the character, so maybe it couldn’t move the camera down so it instead made the part invisibl