How do I prevent player recovery from ragdoll/sit?

I’m making a shove move, and I want the player to be kind of “ragdolled” and shoved backwards. Currently I’m applying impulse to the player’s hrp and setting them to either sit or be ragdolled. However, both can be “jumped out of”, if that makes sense, almost immediately, nullifying any effect. What can I do to prevent this?
Also, if there are any better ways of making this shove script I have in mind, do tell.

Attempted Solutions:
-Tried using platformstand instead, which seems to work pretty well, as the player can’t seem to jump out of it, but also there’s not as much flopping around. I’m only testing it by jumping and clicking a button to shove me, so I’m not bouncing on anything, if I was would it kinda flop around more?
Could I apply some kind of angular force to flip them backwards a little to be a bit more realistic? What do I do?

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Could you just set the JumpHeight/JumpPower to 0?

local ContextActionService = game:GetService("ContextActionService")


This would do it. You’d have to rebind it to use it again.

just making sure, just because this is a roblox feature doesn’t mean its an exception to contextacionservice’s rules, right
like i cant just rebind jumpAction, i have to specify it to space bar, and all that

Yeah it has to be rebinded to the correct keys and the jump function has to be set up.