How do I prevent this weird sound behavior when there are a lot of playing sounds

I don’t know if this belongs to this category even, but I am sure there is a way to avoid this as other games achieved it.
Anyhow, it seems if there is more than 50 playing Sounds, the volume is lowered, and when it exceeds 65, the volume becomes nearly 0.
Jump to 0:55 and compare it with the beginning
robloxapp-20201216-1942301.wmv (2.5 MB)
How do I prevent this?


I’m not sure what causes this issue but it’s not just you, some games where I played sounds sometimes didn’t play when the enviroment was too loud, basically there are 65 sounds playing at the same time?
Is it necessary?

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It is not necessary but I would love to fix this.

You may look in SoundService page for a fix, I’d suggest to either reduce the sounds or try to play sounds on the clients to try to void the issue.

Roblox’s sound system, FMOD, is only capable of playing up to 50 sounds simultaneously (or maybe 100 idk lol). If that number gets exceeded then sounds start to drop out based on distance and volume

You will need to reduce the amount of sounds playing at once