How do i print the fov of a camera?

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    i want to print the current FOV of the camera
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    It’s not printing.
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    I tried getting the camera and printed the Field Of View but its not printing in the output. After trying in Local script I tried it in the server script…
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-- This is an example Lua code block

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In a LocalScript:

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

OK thnx so what is the difference between Camera and CurrentCamera .
tbh i wrtoe local cam = workspace.Camera

CurrentCamera is a property of Workspace that points to the local player’s camera object. I believe it’s just a better way to get the player’s camera since multiple items in Workspace could hypothetically be named “Camera.”

workspace.CurrentCamera is a property of the Workspace whereas workspace.Camera is an instance. Both work but workspace.CurrentCamera seems to be the more ideal method for finding the active camera.

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