How do I properly build a map?

I would like to build a city map with winding roads with articulations that connect to hills, do you have any suggestions on what I can do to make that possible?

Here are a few examples of something similar that I would like to achieve:

Another good example is this game:

It looks like this game bears a similar style of maps found on other genres of games such as Blood & Iron with those hills. I have contacted a few of the developers but I haven’t received a reply from most of them at the moment.


The Archimedes plugin is great for this and is probably the only plugin I actually use. Highly recommend.



I recommend you use a plugin called “Archimedes 2”.

Using this plugin, you can create road segments and use archimedes 2 to create these segments into sort of a turn. I can’t explain it well, but you can check it for yourself.

After a quick search I found this plugin:

It might not be exactly what you’re after, but search some of the bestselling or highly rated plugins for road creation and you’ll likely find one or more of them does the style you’re after.

You could use a simple manipulation tool like the other replies suggest, but a road-specific plugin may be easier if you want to create road layouts quickly and don’t care too much about every single segment’s exact position and angle.

Some of the plugins will create much more natural roads too, as it’s rare for roads to be uniform radius throughout a bend and other curves.


Hey Dude, I really suggest “Resize Align”. It’s kind very easy too use when it comes too making curves, like what you are trying too do with your roads. I hope you find this plugin very helpful.


How does “Resize Align” helps make a road curve, can you please elaborate?

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Try this plugin, I’ve used it for a track before

Edit: Faster Road Creation
Here’s a helpful guide