How do I properly scale the players with my train?

Hello fellow ROBLOX developers,
I am posting this topic after I realized that I had built my train out of scale with my avatar. I did not want to restart, and I also did not want to simply scale the train bigger because I want to keep to a specific scale (0.125) and that would ruin it, triggering my OCD to the point where I say it’s better to build a new train. So does anyone have any ideas on how to solve my problem? Whether it be a way to make an avatar smaller or somehow resize the train while keeping its scale, I need help.
The Scale Settings Work, But The Head Won't Scale Under 95%
As you can see, the smallest an avatar’s head can get is 95%, which would offset it from the rest of the body.

Here is my avatar sitting in my train at 95% scale.

And this is a real-life reference of what I want.

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I don’t think there’s another way to scale it if you want to still keep your increment. Your best bet is to scale the avatar or build another train.