How do I punish exploiters? - Dunce Cap

You probably ban exploiters, right?

But have you considered those, who were banned for false-positive instances of exploiting?

For this reason I made Dunce Cap, a way to tackle exploiters.

Basically, the Dunce Cap is given to users who exploit your game. The model detects exploits is if a user disobeys the server’s starter settings. For now, I only have the script (by default) for walkspeed.

I should also note that the model is not only for walkspeed, the walkspeed part was meant to be a demonstration.

setting it up

you should also read the notes in the “Important Notes” section.

Please leave feedback and suggestions, and share the model with friends.

Thanks for 20+ sales!


An explanation explaining would be nice, since many users won’t check what you’ve created, because some of them don’t want to make effort to check it out…
An Description, in addition to entertaining the reader, may have a great chance to convince them to actually check it out,


Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks a lot!

This script is useless since exploits run on client. This wouldn’t even stop exploiters since it won’t replicate to server.


I’m confused, what’s going to be achieved by giving them a duncecap that they can delete from their avatar using a looping script?

It’s not difficult to access your own specific model in the workspace and repeatedly delete the cap.

(Plus, wouldn’t it be funnier to just show a gui that brings up their avatar picture and places a dunce cap on it, with words below that says " {players-name} has EXPLOITED the game. Laugh all you want at this idiot. "’, then logs their username in a trello so they get kicked every time they try to join [essentially a ban]?)

open dex explorer in my game and see what it says in the explorer.

exploiter can just delete hat / accessory and it replicated to all clients anyway. What the main point of this?

I think he is talking about server replicator stuff like the players position, not local data

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The OP mentions it’s only for Walkspeed. The walkspeed can only be changed locally by a user. Meaning this is useless unless the OP adds more “scripts”.

They cannot delete it from other players’ view if it was inserted by the server.

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no, it’s not only for walkspeed, but for now, i have it defaulted to walkspeed.

That is true. I also want to be system message in the chat to prevent the person from just trying to delete the Dunce Cap.

What does it say? And what’s a dex?

dex explorer is an script for exploits.

and dark dex “server sided” for synapse x.

and it says something nsfw so yeah. i dont want to explain it in dev forum now.

dms, maybe you can screenshot it?

yup. thats possible no problem.

Maybe make put them in a cage with the hat, Which tps them back if they exit the cage, This means they’d have to leave (And when they leave they get banned.)

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its not useless to use client anti-exploits, its dumb not to layer them but they can be effective for some of the more basic “skids” which happens to be the majority of the roblox exploiting comunity from my personal experience

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I appreciate your approach. You can dm/contact me if you want to discuss how “good” your detection methods are - or generally how secure your game is.

I wrote another response, but I have opted to post in a more relevant thread and reference it here:

The point of the system was not to be an anti-cheat. It it for properly banning people. The walkspeed detection in the system was only a demonstration.

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