How do I put a robloxians face on a part

So I am making a tycoon, and for one of the things you can purchase, I want there to be a sign. I want the sign to have a picture of their face, and say Username’s tycoon.

If anybody could help me out with this that would be great!

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I would suggest using the service GetUserThumbnailAsync

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yeah but it only works for one person I think, it has to be whenever somebody purchases it at their tycoon it will display their face.

Does anybody know? I need help.

What is purchases ‘it’ at their tycoon? When they purchase land or like having multiple people on one sign?

No, when they step on the button to purchase the sign, the sign will have their picture on it once it’s purchased

You should try getting a localplayer’s thumbnail instead of a specific player. So you should create a touch event, and follow on with the event Sky provided above, then include localplayer instead of one specific player.

I assume you have a script with the .Touched event already made. I suggest you create a BillboardGui with an ImageLabel (with a 1:1 aspect ratio), and simply update the ImageLabel’s .Image property with the result of <PlayerService>:GetUserThumbnailAsync(<player user id>, Enum.ThumbnailType.HeadShot, Enum.ThumbnailSize.Size150x150).

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Why would the touch event be needed though?

The button system is already taken care of, all I need is for it to put the players profile snapshot on a part

Sorry, I thought that you didn’t do that yet. Just figure out the players ID from your button event, and use the same method

How would I do that? Like if I insert a script into the part I want the snapshot to appear on, what do I right on it?